Another “Not So Newlywed Game Show” Idea of the most popular posts on the website was my first idea for a game to play (and it’s a good one!) at a marriage retreat.  Since it’s Valentine’s day, I thought I’d post another one for those who are running similar events.  These questions are a bit different from the first one, so I’ve provided a couple of alternative ones at the bottom and you can use whichever ones you like best.

The game idea is based off the old Newlywed Game Show, which means you’ll need to act (and dress?) like a game show host…. and you’ll need an assistant writing down the answers in marker on decent-sized poster board.  Once you learn how the game runs, this format is a great opening to have some fun, build repoire, and get to know some people from your group. The format ‘works’ so if you think any of these are lame, feel free to edit/add your own!


5-6 couples upfront.  Ladies leave first.  Have someone off stage writing down the answers on half-sheets of poster board so that the back row of your room can read them when held up (will take a large marker). 

Men, questions are worth 10 points.

  1. If your wife could change one thing about you for the better, what would it be?

    • Your body.
    • Your salary.
    • Your ability to listen.
    • Your housecleaning ability.
  2. What is the subject of your most frequent argument or “discussion”?
  3. If your wife let you make one change to the decorations or furniture in the house, what would be the first thing that would go?
  4. For 15 points, if your wife wanted you to take her out to her favorite restaurant, where would you take her? 

Bring ‘em back in!!!!

Go through each one, have the women answer the question, then have her husband put up the answer to see if they’re correct.    If so, they get the points. If not, be sure to ask the obvious follow up questions (get the laugh if you can).

Before the men leave, announce the scores of the couples.  Then have the men leave. 

Women, questions are worth 10 points.

  1. If your husband received his “15 minutes of fame” in life, it would be from:
    • The success of one of his kids.
    • Winning an athletic competition.
    • Accomplishing something through his work.
    • Making a funny YouTube video that goes viral.
  2. If your husband could purchase any car or truck for him to drive, what would he choose to buy?
  3. What’s the best gift that you’ve ever purchased and given to your husband?
  4. What movie does your husband quote the most?

BONUS QUESTION – (worth 20 points) 

If your husband could do one sport well for a day, which of the following would he choose?

  • Play basketball like LeBron James
  • Play baseball like Albert Pujols
  • Play football like Peyton Manning
  • Play golf like Tiger Woods
  • Drive a race car like Tony Stewart

 Have the men come in and go through the answers for each of the four questions (like you did with the women’s guesses).  Then, announce the total scores of the couples before heading into the bonus round.  Then, read the BONUS question and ask couples in reverse order (lowest score first) and build the suspense, etc.


If you are running a marriage retreat, you can then award a prize and applaud.  Have the couples sit back with everyone else and then announce that you’re going to give each couple a chance to play the game on their own by answering three questions for each other – just them (but in the room there).  You can either put these on a screen or whiteboard or pass out slips of paper with them on there.  Each person in the couple is to answer each one, going back and forth.

  1. Besides the romantic times and the birth of any children, what has been the meaningful moments with your spouse that you have cherished?
  2. As you’ve watched your spouse mature during your marriage, what has been the most impressive change you’ve seen in them?
  3. What is one thing (you can pick two, if needed) that you’re excited about for the future of your marriage?

Give everyone about 7-10 minutes to answer the three.  Then you can wrap-up with a well-prepared 5-minute talk (be encouraging!) and transition to the next event on the schedule.



(watch the number of either/or questions you have.  They work well, but too many in the game doesn’t allow for the ‘creative’ moments)

Who “gives in” to an argument first?

Which of you “texts” the most on their cellphone?


tlwtittercbTerry Linhart (Ph.D., Purdue) teaches, speaks, and researches on youth, parenting, and marriage.  He is professor of youth ministry at Bethel College (Indiana).  He is available for various speaking and teaching opportunities, but is booking engagements about 9-12 months in advance. Please contact him with your event or idea.  And, you can sign up to receive the latest from This Corner emailed directly to you. Terry posts about 2x a week on various topics.  No ads. No spam.  And Email addresses are kept private.





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  • Amy

    Thank you so much for these. I do have to admit, though, I much prefer your other list of questions. A couple of these (#1 on both the Women’s and Men’s questions) seem kind of disrespecful to husbands due to the way the answers are worded. I think I’ll change the wording a bit, and then I could still use them. Anyway, thanks for the ideas!

    • Terry Linhart

      Thanks Amy. Good observation. I agreed with you on the one set of questions, so I changed them.