Camping Gear Review: The best solar shower

A hot shower makes camping go better.

A hot shower makes camping go better.

For those of us who camp where there’s no power or hot water and who like a few comforts along the way (like good coffee), a hot shower is a real blessing.  I’m going to save you a lot of time, frustration, and disappointment:  The Advanced Elements 2.5 Gallon Summer Solar Shower is the only solar shower to get. Don’t get the other models that AE has and don’t go for the bigger 5 gallon bags (just get two of these then).  This one will be your favorite.

I’ve tried five of the leading models and sizes and this one has consistently outperformed the rest in marginal weather (all solar showers can heat water on hot sunny days) and been the most popular with the people I take on trips.   Here’s why:

  • It’s small size warms up quicker and on days where warmth and sunshine is limited.
  • The personal size makes it easier for folks who would have trouble hoisting 5 gallons of water up above their heads.
  • It’s design has been proven against larger designs and other models.
  • I’m seeing more and more of these with the experienced campers who camp where we go.
  • They’ve proven their reliability:  I’ve got two that have been reliably used for 3+ years each in the Boundary Waters and remote Florida settings.

We just came back from a trip where I took along another solar shower (I think it’s my fourth model to compare against the Summer Shower) and it was always the last one picked come shower time by campers.  Next trip, I’ll buy a third one of these so I can get a hot shower myself.