Championing Global Youth Ministry

This morning I am speaking at the International Conference on Missions in Indianapolis before flying to Dallas for the National Youth Workers Convention. Aaron Arnold of Youth Hope is leading a preconference session on global youth ministry and asked me to come in and share some reflections about it after editing the book Global Youth Ministry: Reaching Adolescents Around the World (YS Academic).

I’ve been thinking about what to share regarding global youth ministry. Here are my main challenges to those who attend today:

  1. Most American youth workers remain uninterested in global youth ministry.
  2. Global youth workers remain skeptical of American interests.
  3. Global youth ministry can be unusually territorial.
  4. Effective global youth ministry needs to be ecumenical.
  5. Christian global youth workers must be keen to Christian theology.
  6. Global youth (its growth and impact) will be one of the top issues facing the church in the 21st century…..
  7. ….. and the church largely unprepared for it. 

What do you think about these?  What would you question?  What would you add?