Is God Enough?

HPIM1426.JPGI have a friend who is an accomplished surgeon, a wise man older than me from whom I’ve learn so much about caring for people in the midst of trauma and crisis. One night as he drove home from the hospital, the sunset colors exploded across the sky. Overwhelmed, he had to stop and worship the One who created such beautiful moments. Tears welled up in his eyes and he felt both small and giant as the colors burned the western sky, sending light cross the sky overhead and even into his car.  The shadows were gone and he sat there, praying, weeping, and in awe.

He picked up the phone to call his wife and tell her to go outside the house and see the sunset.  As he picked up his phone, he said it was as if God spoke to his mind and asked why he had to do that. Why was it that he had to do something in that moment?  Wasn’t God enough?

It makes sense to share beauty and holiness with others, doesn’t it? When we experience life-changing moments, we want others (particularly ones we dearly love) to share those too. But some of us in ministry run to the “doing” when profound moments happen. We read a Bible passage and feel deeply challenged, so we stop to write it down as a lesson for next Sunday. We pray so little, thinking it not to be central to our vocation, the practices of ministry seem more critical.  We slip from the early intimate days with God, when He called us to our vocation and purpose, and forget that these “God” moments are for our benefit and relationship with Him.  That we need to realize God is enough. For us.

It’s advent, a time for celebrating the face that God is the God who comes. He is One who lights up the sky and reminds us that we are both small and giant.  Compared to Him we are small, but because of Him and his image on our being we are giant, even taking on the title of “children” of God.

May this advent season be one where you and I realize that God is enough and that our busy-work is not.