The Latest “Not So Newlywed” Game Show Idea I first posted an idea for the “Newlywed” game, perfect for a marriage retreat, I had no idea how many popular that post would become.  I crafted another “Not So Newlywed” game show idea that received equal interest. So, with Valentine’s Day just ahead, here’s the latest “not so newlywed” game that you can play at a marriage retreat, group party, or other event for married couples.

The game idea is based off the old Newlywed Game Show, which means you’ll need to act (and dress?) like a game show host…. and you’ll need an assistant writing down the answers in marker on decent-sized poster board.  Once you learn how the game runs, this format is a great opening to have some fun, build repoire, and get to know some people from your group. The format ‘works’ so if you think any of these are lame, feel free to edit/add your own!


5-6 couples upfront.  Ladies leave first.  Have someone off stage writing down the answers on half-sheets of poster board so that the back row of your room can read them when held up (will take a large marker). 

Men, questions are worth 10 points.

  1. If your wife used a motor vehicle to describe you, what would she say you were most like?

    • Heavy Duty 4-Wheel Drive SUV
    • Sports car
    • Hybrid economy car
    • A farm tractor
    • A minivan
  2. What phrase best describes the way your spouse’s bedroom looked when she was in high school?
    • Well organized
    • Artistic and unique
    • Normal
    • A creative mess
    • Out of control
  3. If you wanted to get your wife’s “attention,” what of the following would work the best? 
    • Rub her hair
    • Blow in her ear
    • Say something nice
    • Buy a nice present
    • Send her a text message
  4. For 15 points, besides the TV, what’s the first household appliance your husband would like to replace?

Bring ‘em back in!!!!

Go through each one, have the women answer the question, then have her husband put up the answer to see if they’re correct.    If so, they get the points. If not, be sure to ask the obvious follow up questions (get the laugh if you can).

Before the men leave, announce the scores of the couples.  Then have the men leave. 

Women, questions are worth 10 points.

  1. Finish this sentence, “What has surprised me the most about my husband is ……”
    • The way that he makes me laugh. 
    • The way that he loves me. 
    • The way that he kisses. 
    • The way that he helps around the house.  
  2. If the two of you went to Disneyworld, where would your husband want to go?
    • The Magic Kingdom
    • Epcot Center
    • Disney’s Hollywood Studios
    • Disney’s Animal Kingdom
    • The Hotel Pool (to save some money)
  3. If you husband could pick any place to go on vacation, where would he want to go? 
  4. What has been the most meaningful present (gift) your husband has given to you? 

BONUS QUESTION – (worth 20 points) 

If your husband could guest host a TV show for a day, which of the following would he choose?

  • Cooking show on the Cooking Network
  • A travel show on the Travel Channel
  • A Home Decorating show on HGTV
  • Live with Kelly and Michael
  • Meet the Press on NBC

Have the men come in and go through the answers for each of the four questions (like you did with the women’s guesses).  Then, announce the total scores of the couples before heading into the bonus round.  Then, read the BONUS question and ask couples in reverse order (lowest score first) and build the suspense, etc.


If you are running a marriage retreat, you can then award a prize and applaud (it’s what Americans do when they don’t know what to do… even in church).  Have the couples sit back with everyone else and then announce that you’re going to give each couple a chance to play the game on their own by answering three questions for each other – just them (but while sitting in the large room).  You can either put these on a screen or whiteboard or pass out slips of paper with them on there.  Each person in the couple is to answer each one, going back and forth.

  1. What two qualities about your spouse are the most meaningful to you?  
  2. What two things, any thing, are you looking forward to most this year?
  3. If there was one instant thing you could do to improve your marriage, what would it be?  What answer would your spouse want it to be?   

Give everyone about 7-10 minutes to answer the three.  Then you can wrap-up with a well-prepared 5-minute talk (be encouraging!) and transition to the next event on the schedule.



[For Christian groups] What aspect of your spouse’s spiritual life do you admire the most?

His/her:   Bible Study        Prayer Life       Church commitment       Witness & example       Helpfulness to others


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