“Not So Newlywed Game” idea for marriage retreat

http://timstvshowcase.com/newlywed.jpgIn my preparation for speaking at a ministers’ and spouses’ retreat this weekend, I ran across a game I once led at a marriage retreat for a church.  It’s called the “Not So Newlywed Game” and it’s pretty tame (if you ever saw the original show, you know what I mean), but a lot of fun.  You have to run it like the old Newlywed Game Show, which means you’ll need to act (and dress?) like a game show host…. and you’ll need an assistant writing down the answers in marker on decent-sized poster board.  Once you learn how the game runs, this format is a great opening to have some fun, build repoire, and get to know some people from your group.

Oh, and one disclaimer… It’s quite likely that I borrowed much of these questions, so I apologize for any infractions.  It’s been so long since I used this that I forget where I may have found the questions.  But, the format ‘works’ so if you think any of these are lame, feel free to edit/add your own!  If you want some more ideas, I have another set of questions here.


5-6 couples upfront.  Ladies leave first.

Men, questions are worth 10 points.

 1)     When your wife leaves the house and you’re home alone, what “time” is it for you?

a)    Party time

b)   Time to clean

c)    Nap time

2)    Within three, how many pairs of shoes will your wife say she has?

3)    What would your wife say is the best vacation you’ve ever taken together?

4)    For 15 points, how old was she when she got her first kiss?

Bring ‘em back in!!!!


Women, questions are worth 15 points.

1)     What one item of clothing does your husband wear that you just cannot stand?

2)    Besides the Bible or any book connected to a group at church, what was the last book (not magazine) that your husband read?

3)    Ladies, when you first met your husband, what will he say was the one thing that first caught his attention about you?

4)    (20 points) What percentage of the housework would your husband say that he does?

a.     10 percent
b.    30 percent
c.     50 percent
d.    over 50 percent


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  • Scott Roberts

    Awesome, thank you! Going to use these tonight for our church valentine banquet.

  • Amy

    Love these, thanks for posting them! Will use them for a group gathering of couples.