Stuff from the corner – 12-8-12

Every so often (ideally at the end of each week), I’ll put up a list of links and highlights from recent days.  So, from this corner of the world here are a few time-worthy links:

I love sports, most any sport.  So, I love Cricket and was pleased to see that South Africa dominated Australia this week. England has been taking it to India and I got up early today to see the last few overs of today’s part in that test.  What I also enjoy about Cricket are the smart writeups done by newswriters like Daniel Brettig.  They take a relatively benign game and turn into a masquerade of intrigue and literary tension.  Imagine what such writers could do with baseball!

Speaking of good writing, I’ve had the privilege to meet David A. Zimmerman, thanks to Ginny Olson, at the recent National Youth Workers Convention.  David is not only an editor for IVP, but a gifted writer (his Amazon page), thinker, youth worker, musician, and theologian.  I grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down to read through his blog and his columns at Burnside Writers Collective.  It was a delightful morning of reading and I invite you to check out David’s work and subscribe to each of these websites.

One of the rising bright lights in youth ministry education is Ken Castor at Crown College in Minnesota.  His blog is worth following closely. I really enjoyed his article, Perhaps “Senior Pastor” is a stepping stone to Youth Ministry?  The piece captures the church’s common misunderstanding of youth ministry and youth workers’ deep commitment to their life vocation.

To speak even more of good writing, this week I reconnected with development editor and blogger Jaime ChavezHer blog is full of helpful writing tips for those who communicate that way.  For more about her work and how she could help a writing project you may have, see her page for writers.

Finally, we had our annual Christmas dinner last night for the Religion and Philosophy Department at Bethel College. I am privileged to work alongside some of my favorite people in the world.  Kel and I sat across from prolific author, teacher, and speaker Chad Meister and his wife Tammi.  His work is impressive and he’s in the enviable position now where publishers are lining up to ask him to write for them. I didn’t know writing could come to that!  Twitter folks can follow him here.

Down at the end of the table sat J.B. Stump, his co-author on Christian Thought: A Historical Introduction, a fantastic and very accessible book.  J.B. is working at the cutting edge of philosophy and science and just signed a book deal with a UK publisher to write a flagship textbook on the subject.  His blog is worth following and always has an interesting and thought-provoking story or two each week from his work and family.  Plus, someday you’ll want to say to your friends that you were following his work before they were.